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Hollyce Highfill (Kirkland) - Sept. 1978 Work Trip


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  • New Bridge - Revisited in Sept. - Look how the vegetation has replaced the mud & goop!
  • Konnarock crew members Robin, David, Danny, and Dave
  • Jim Houck, PATH member from FL, kept the bridge on course & level using his FL swampy highway building expertise using a theodolite or level(?)!
  • Konnarock crew member Danny
  • Hollyce Highfill (Kirkland) - Sept. 1978 Work Trip
  • Barbara Council - Tye River Backpack - April 1979
  • Nearly finished
  • PATH member, Phil Soper provided builder expertise & an indispensible collection of contractor tools which allowed the crews to complete the project faster than planned.
  • Jeff Tysinger helped Jim by holding the "big measuring stick" upright in the mud & water.

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